"Rosa was so happy here, and stayed until she started school. From the start she was one of the most socially confident and well-adapted children in her class. And I credit that to the nursery. Percy started at Greygates when he was 7 months old. On his first day I sat down with him in the baby room and just thought ĎAhÖ. Iím home now!"

Meike, mother of Percy, 4, and Rosa, 8


"We find it quite reassuring to know that Denise was a State Registered Nurse before she took over the family business and started running Greygates."

Paul, father of Isabella, 4, and Alexandra, 1

"Jamal started at Greygates at 10 months and itís played a major part in his development. Thereís always something new for him to learn, and the staff listen to him. Itís a whole world he can interact with. Heís very sociable and loves playing with the other children."

Maria, auntie of Jamal, 4, and Kahil, 7 months

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