"A lot of nurseries I saw didnít have a cook or a proper kitchen, so I would have had to take a packed lunch in. But I didnít want my children eating just sandwiches and snacks. And to be honest, I donít have the time or inclination in the mornings to start mucking about making up a lunchbox! The cook at Greygates makes meals I would eat myself, given half a chance, and uses lots of fresh vegetables. And the children are offered plenty of fruit, too, which is good."

Nicola, mother of Olivia, 5, and Henry, 2

"Food and home cooking are important, and the foodís really good at Greygates. If you get home late and donít want to cook, you know your childís eaten well. And Denise is actively involved. I like that too."

Alex, mother of Alana, 6, and Esther, 4

ďI love the fact that the children are taught to serve themselves and other children, and help to lay the tables. The social skills Bethís picked up at nursery are really impressive. Sheís learning to think about other people and see things their way. And sheís really confident, too."

Angela, mother of Beth, 3

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