We have a dedicated nursery kitchen and pride ourselves on providing nutritious, balanced menus for Greygates children. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy staple favourites like pizza and jelly too, (not together!) from time to time. Our cook is trained in Food and Hygiene and uses no added salt in any of the meals we prepare.

We are happy to cater for those who are are vegetarian or on special diets. A list on the wall shows each child’s requirements – a few can’t eat dairy products, others don’t eat meat or fish, some aren’t allowed crisps, biscuits and so on.

The nursery regularly provides vegetarian meals for all the children and always offers suitable alternatives when the main course is meat or fish, so no child ever feels they’re different or missing out.

Although babies under a year old are fed baby cereals, most children join us for a light breakfast – usually toast, with milk or water to drink – between 8.30am and 9.00am. This means they’re hungry for an early lunch at 11 o’clock, which is eaten seated around tables in each room.

A typical main course might be fish pie with fresh carrots and peas, diced chicken with vegetables and noodles or veggie-mince with rice. Desserts range from home-made apple crumble and custard to a fruit platter or yoghurt.

A sit-down tea is served at 3.00pm and usually comprises finger foods such as sandwiches, cucumber or carrot chunks, cheese, hummus, fruit bars and crackers or other healthy snacks.

Parents with young babies need to bring in their own bottles of formula each day, but we provide weaning food, either pureed or from baby food jars if the day’s main meal is unsuitable. As the babies get older we gradually introduce finger foods and, by the time they’re one, they usually can’t wait to get their hands on the toast we serve the older children for breakfast!



“I like the food here – it’s a balanced diet, though Matilde’s made sure I know that she now likes fish fingers and baked beans, which we don’t usually have at home – we eat Italian food!”

Donatella, mother of Matilde, 3


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Sausage, potato, peas & gravy

Chicken, onion and tomatoes


Children need food for thought