Our team comprises qualified and experienced nursery practitioners as well as a cook and domestic assistant. All Greygates employees are encouraged to broaden their experience by attending courses and studying. But our people arenít just hired for their qualifications. To fit in here they need to be warm and friendly, with a genuine interest in Ė and empathy with Ė young children. 

We operate a keyworker system, so each child is allocated a particular member of the team who takes a special interest in them and develops a unique bond. However, from time to time our staff move around, so each of us gets to know all Greygates children really well. Weíre working towards Quality Assurance Accreditation and may well have attained it by the time youíre reading this!

Of course, we never forget that parents are the first and main carers of their children. Youíll always be welcome to discuss your childís development, health or other issues with anyone here.

"I was determined to find a nursery where Julia would be looked after by the same people every day. When she was about six months old I sought advice from a friend about what childcare I should choose. She said her former nursery had an appalling staff retention rate and used a stream of agency workers. She felt guilty leaving her son with people he didnít know, and he used to scream the place down every morning. At Greygates, they never use agency workers, and most staff have been there for years. So Juliaís always greeted by the same friendly faces. In fact, she canít wait to get in and see all her friends in the mornings. And I have trouble getting her out when itís time to go home!"

Anna, mother of Julia, 4



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