"Greygates is a good starter for school, so Olivia wasn’t at all fazed by the experience. The staff listen if you have any comments or concerns. They’re always pleased to hear what I’ve got to say. I think if you went to a child minder that might be a bit awkward – it would be too personal with just one person. They work around the child here, not vice versa

Nicola, mother of Olivia, 5, and Henry, 2

""Some of the nurseries we looked at were clinical, almost uncaring. There was no room for expression. It’s far more important to me that my children are happy. Beth comes home singing songs and telling stories, and she can count now. But we’re not pushing her. Some parents want that. It isn’t right for us

Mortimer, father of Beth, 3, and Joseph, 7

"The staff are very friendly and supportive. We’re both working and our daughter’s been quite unwell with fits. My wife was even thinking about giving up work to look after her. But the staff sat down with us and discussed her medication, and what they should do if she had a fit while she was at nursery. They’ve been so positive about it, and understand our cautiousness. And we feel confident about leaving her here. She’s quite clingy and they always take the time to make her feel comfortable. Greygates is a lovely place to leave your children."

Dal, father of Suraiya, 2

"What stood out about Greygates was the staff. And the diversity. It’s totally lived up to my expectations and beyond. There’s a structure but, within it, a lot of options during the day."

Alex, mother of Alana, 6, and Esther, 4


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